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Life Planning




Figuring out what you want to achieve in life can seem daunting

Decision paralysis is real. SetPath can help you make a plan—and stick to it.

  • Define what's important to you

  • Set goals to achieve what you want

  • Feel confident in your abilities

  • Get the level of support you need

SetPath gives you the tools you need to grow as an individual.

The journey is long, but you’re never alone. A Guide will be there to cheer you on, and help you grow.

Become the best version of yourself with free mentorship and life planning.

Every area of your life has room for growth with the help of a Life Plan


Spending time with your friends and cultivating those relationships plays a role in your overall happiness.

Friendship is something you never outgrow. Good friendships have been proven to lead to physical and mental health benefits.

With mentorship you stay on track and engaged in your plan to ultimately find purpose on your path.

How your SetPath journey works

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SetPath is FREE and here to help you make a plan to get your life on track.

Build your plan with a Guide

A Guide will be there throughout your journey as your number one supporter.

Find momentum

You’ll grow as a person during and after SetPath—the sky’s the limit!

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What's at stake?

Hopelessness, lack of direction, unwillingness to participate in life—your life.

Your pivotal years should be a time for exploration and growth, not feeling hopeless and lost without any sense of purpose. We want to shine a light on the things that make you happy and all the good you can do.

Why SetPath Now?

2020 was a year filled with challenges, disappointments, hurts and uncertainty. Many of those in their 20’s are looking forward with less hope and clarity than those who have gone before them in recent decades.

We are committed to building a platform that will always be free and safe for our users; we’ll never share or divulge your information.

Want to make an impact on the youth in your community?

We rely on the support from our sponsors and tangible support and commitment from our Guides.

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