What is SetPath?

SetPath gives young adults the guidance, tools, and determination to live a more purposeful life.

We’re more than just goal setting. We’re about life setting. A goal is something you set out to achieve; when you reach it, it’s done. We’re in it for the long haul. We’re committed to helping young adults navigate the ever-changing journey of life with a comprehensive plan. Too often younger people are thrown off course by The Drift—an invisible force that pulls you down and makes you doubt yourself and your purpose. SetPath gets you back on track.

Everyone has a purpose and a calling—we’re here to help you tune into yours.

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Daniel Harkavy

Daniel Harkavy

Founder & President

For the past two and a half decades, Daniel has led a team of executive coaches who help business leaders to better lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Along with coaching thousands of leaders through this process, he co-authored Living Forward which is now helping people create these life plans in more than 20 languages.

As he walked older people through this process, he heard two common remarks. “This is life changing” and, “I wish someone would have introduced me to this when I was in my 20’s”. And so, SetPath was created, to help younger people who feel lost find a path.

Daniel and his wife Sheri have always had a passion and felt a calling to mentor young adults as they head into this defining decade of life. In 2020, they felt it was the time to make this stage of life planning and mentoring a reality. Daniel serves SetPath by being an advocate, spokesperson and co-founder—and holds the official title of ‘dad’ to Dylan and Wesley.

Dylan Harkavy

Dylan Harkavy

Marketing & Branding Manager

Dylan works with the SetPath team and outside creatives to build and share the SetPath mission. In addition to overseeing SetPath marketing, Dylan is also a certified SetPath Guide.

After being mentored for nearly two decades, he’s had the opportunity to return the favor and has mentored some amazing people over the last several years. Working as a SetPath Guide side-by-side with Planners has been a true testament of Dylan’s belief in the power of relationships.

He currently lives in Tualatin, OR with his beautiful wife and baby girl. Surfing with friends, hanging with family, and enjoying the outdoors is what he lives for.

Wesley Harkavy

Wesley Harkavy

Program Manager

Wesley works with SetPath Guides to train and equip them to lead young adults as they go through the SetPath program. Wesley knows how impactful and life changing the Life Planning process can be and has a passion for working alongside both Guides and Planners on this journey.

Wesley has mentored young men since graduating high-school and knows what it’s like to be drifting through those defining years of life; he hopes to bring clarity and direction back to those who choose SetPath. If Wesley is not working, you’ll most likely find him mountain biking, snowboarding, woodworking, or fixing something that is broken.

Kristen Moreno

Kristin Moreno

Coordinator of Everything

Kristin helps the SetPath team make sure they have everything they need for optimal growth. From meeting with key stakeholders to strategizing and executing events, her drive is what helps SetPath move forward. She is responsible for facilitating the relationship between SetPath and outside sponsors, donors, and organizations that want to come along on and support our journey.

Having spent 14 years at Building Champions—where the seed of SetPath was first planted—she's passionate about what SetPath stands for and has loved supporting every phase of the journey. Kristin lives in Oregon with her husband Alfredo, her two kids Madeline and Alexander, and an extremely large cat named Princess Buttercup.